There's No Place Like Home

When we say "Welcome Home," we mean it. The most radical thing about Radical Faeries is the open-hearted welcome we offer you to come to sanctuary, where you can find love and support to be your truest self.

Destiny is now preparing to welcome home its first full-time residents ― and as a result will truly serve as a year-round faerie sanctuary for the first time. Folks are now on the land with several major infrastructure projects underway. But to make the dream of residency into a reality, we need your support.

Our goal is to raise $100,000 in the first phase of our "No Place Like Home" Capital Campaign. With these funds, we'll install an essential, life-sustaining solar power system. Solar power will end our community's dependence on fossil fuels for electricity! It will also restore tranquility to the land, so we can gather and live together without the annoying interruption of a buzzing generator.

In 2015, we'll be adding a dining hall to the main building on the land, which will then double as a winterized living space. We'll also begin construction on a second road that will provide residents more direct access to the land when the snowy season comes.

After we reach this first goal, we'll go on raising even more resources to complete Destiny's transformation from a three-season encampment into a year-round home. With the total funds raised, we will be able to complete the secondary access road, build a caretaker cabin, a bathhouse with multiple showers & sauna, and a bunkhouse for winter-time gathering needs.

Please give generously! Make a donation today and/or become a Destiny "Space-Holder" by fundraising with us.


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